Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reno Bitches

Yeah, that's right, Big Don G in RENO BABY! Eat it haters. Reno is in Nevada, that means I'm in two states now. Guess I'm a nationally syndicated radio god again!

From @stuwhitey on Twitter:
@DonGeronimoShow When you were saying peanuts i thought you said penis #veryfunny

Looks like Stu knows quality comedy when he hears it. Hey, put my penuts in your mouth Stu! HO! I'm ON! I am SO ON!

Friday, August 12, 2011

I left voluntarily

I want to make sure everyone knows that I left Good Day Sacramento voluntarily. Let's recap:
  • I left my nationally syndicated radio show voluntarily.
  • I left the park when Tesla was playing voluntarily.
  • I left Good Day Sacramento voluntarily. 
  • I fell off the stage and cracked my head open voluntarily. (Eat your heart out Chevy Chase.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It Aint Easy

See the professionalism?
It ain't easy.
Today, I totally wanted to talk about how stupid that dumb 98 Rock DJ is, the one who tattled on me for saying bad stuff about Tesla. I wanted to yell at him and talk about how much cooler I am which is obvious because I have a goatie and a leather bomber jacket.
But, I am a professional. Look up the word and you'll see a picture of yours truly. I can't just throw the schedule to the wind. I had to hang on and do the other stories we scheduled. I had to talk about how I don't shit at work and about what you should do if an emergency comes up and you HAVE to shit at work. Don't think that jerk wasn't in the back of my mind the whole time but you have to take a break sometimes and give the people the content that they tune in for. People want to hear about the shitting and the fat girl I found on the internet and my funny voices.
That is what professionalism sounds like folks. You're welcome. And fuck that 98Rock guy. I'm gonna poop at his work and he can smell it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Your hit making days are done dudes
Why mess with me? I always win! Don't mess with the bull, you'll catch the horn.
  • Hause Frau messed with me. Guess who is still a house wife? Yeah, not me. WINNING
  • Douche Bag comedian from Galt messed with me and DIDN'T open for Joan Rivers. Last I heard he did a gig in Portland. Portland! That's like Galt with hipster beards. WINNING
  • Tesla is messing with me now. Well, you can guess we won't be using their songs for our lead ins! HA! WINNING
  • Opie and Anthony messed with me and... well we got taken off the air for a bit... BUT... WE MADE UP. They're really nice guys. WINNING

Tesla Kicks Who Out of The Park?

Thumbs down to the rumor mill
Rumor Mill prepare to be shut down. Tesla kicked ME out of the park. NO! I CHOSE to leave the park. It was my CHOICE! Remember when I CHOSE to leave the Don and Mike show and give up a lucrative career in radio? Yeah, it was like that. The park was cool, the grass was green, I had my good time but then the pressure got to me. It got to be a bit much. I felt like I was cracking up. So, I left the park.

Why would I come to a town, start fights with everyone who was already here and make everyone hate me? Come on now. That would be stupid. That sounds like crazy behavior and I am of course totally sane (except during those times when I feel like I'm cracking up.)

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Choice

Just a quick note to make sure you all know that I left my Nationally Syndicated Radio Show The Don and Mike Show by choice. It was my decision. Okay, just making sure we're clear on that. Carry on.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm sick today so we'll have to skip the schedule and play a best of but don't worry I have an awesome clip of me slobbering all over Tom Green while annoying the shit out of him by not being aware of anything he's done in the last ten years even as I claim to be his biggest fan. It's great. You'll love it. Excuse me... sorry... just a minute...
Had to puke. Sorry. Damn, would've loved to have gotten that recorded for the show. We'll have to replace the Sheen soundbites eventually, I mean, not anytime soon, but eventually.
Anyway, Tom Green, yeah. We do talk about his ball cancer. God I love ball cancer. It lets me talk about cancer, which I love, shows my human side, but it also lets me talk about balls. Ball cancer is radio gold.